A framework for building and running a technology organization

Explore the pillars of the tech organizations of the new era. Focus on the most important and exciting in your work, let Opsenic to take over the operational burden.

Opsenic provides the framework for building and running a technology organization alongside with the platform to operate it in an efficient way. The framework is the core set of processes, tools and approaches to run the organization, yet keeps things as simple and flexible as possible.

Opsenic Framework is perfect for the companies:

  • Mission- and values-driven, people-centric, performance-oriented
  • Within any business domain, but with information technology as core
  • With 10 and up to 1000 employees
  • On the early stage with initial traction and up to the late maturity
  • Facing challenges with scaling, transparency, alignment and structure

Opsenic Framework is based on the following principles:

  • Be human. Empathize with people.
  • Innovate. Become better. All the time.
  • Measure. Evaluate the performance in numbers.
  • Systematize. Create systems that can work without you.
  • Adapt. Change to embrace the new reality.


Start with the most important fundamentals and learn how to run the organization

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Learn how to build a strong and cohesive team of people who are passionate about what they do

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Learn how to build an outstanding product for your customers

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Learn how to care about your customers and provide them with a fantastic experience

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In case you want to quickly understand what's missing or can be improved in your org, refer to The Great Company Checklist.