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Org Design

Design structures matching your organization and strategy: teams, products, projects, areas, etc. Iterate and improve any component of your org: structure, goal-setting framework, processes, roles, you name it.

Graph View

See how any org structure is organized as a graph: elements, connections, properties, and more. Analyze the structure by focusing on specific attributes to find insights and uncover misalignments.

Guidance & OPScore

Assess and monitor your organization's operational health using OPScore. Advance your team and organization by elevating your OPScore through targeted action steps.


Leverage the power of any goal setting frameworks to improve performance (OKRs, SMART, BHAG, you name it). Cascade the goals from the organizational to an individual level.

Team Leadership

Manage direct report's role, responsibilities, goals, and discuss how they fit into the organization's big picture. Get timely help with setting and tracking goals, conducting 1:1s, performance reviews, and more.

Ownership & Responsibility

Get insight into everyone's role in the organization, their responsibilities, and how they fit into the larger picture. Raise ownership culture by setting who is accountable for what.

Context-rich Workspaces

As everyone fills in organizational contexts in one place, you're now enabled to find what you need, who you need, at any level. Utilize powerful contextual search to drill down to the specifics in a fraction of time.

Purpose & Vision

Easily shape and share the vision at a company, departmental, and individual level. Set the purpose and make sure everyone moves to What? (Vision) with a clear Why? (Purpose).


Set operating procedure for consistent quality so anyone can follow the procedure. Easily assess existing processes at a glance to find sticky spots and continually improve efficiency.

Issues & Risks

Systematically track and address issues and risks across your org. Gain a holistic view of potential roadblocks, find problems' symptoms and identify root causes.

Feedback Loop

Foster collaboration by engaging stakeholders and teams with top-down and bottom-up feedback mechanics.

AI Assistant

Leverage powerful AI Assistant to save your time on shaping each and every aspect of your company: from purpose and strategic goals to tactical issues and one-on-one notes. Get use of relevant contextual templates. We implement the strictest security protocols, ensuring your data is safeguarded at all times.

Organizational Operations Platform

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