About us

Rocks and stones

Our mission

We empower leaders to drive organizational evolution

Our story

Once upon a time, three dreamers met to find a better way to organize their work environment. Opsenic came out as a result of the strong desire to change the organizational landscape and make it better, happier and more efficient.

We pursue our dream — empower leaders across the world with classy tools, so they can turn their organizations into reliable, connected systems, and make them a desirable place to work at.

We started as DevConcrete.io, but in November 2023 we got a new name — Opsenic.

Our values

We hire people, do performance reviews, and let some go based on how well they align with our Values. We nurture a safe, people-centric, and mission-driven environment where everyone is treated equally with the greatest respect, where everyone shares values and vision, and where everyone can be themselves and achieve their own goals.

🟣 Trust and Respect

Build everything on top of Trust and Respect. We receive great freedom and great responsibility on day one at the company. We maintain high visibility and transparency, so everyone can be better aligned and make better decisions. We are fast and direct with feedback, especially when things go wrong, but we challenge things with empathy and data. Our feedback is developmental, not judgemental. We’re a remote-first company. Time spent on work is not the ultimate goal, it is a by-product of our commitment and autonomy. We seek out to be a diverse group of people and create an inclusive environment.

🟣 Synergy

Act as a unified force. Behind avatars and emails, we see real people and build long-lasting relationships with them. We follow the Win-Win strategy in collaboration with coworkers, partners, and customers. We can disagree and argue, but we stick to constructive confrontation and non-violent communication to reach an agreement. We are energetic, passioned, and thrilled by what we do and who we do it with because we truly love our craft and are surrounded with mature personalities that think alike. When we innovate, we do things that don’t scale, but when we see it working, we convert the innovation into a system that is mostly automated and requires very little governance. We support and complement each other. When it comes to prioritization conflicts, we seek for a balance between common goals, our own goals, and others’ goals. We push each other to become better.

🟣 Focus

Be conscious. Focusing limits us in breadth, but we remain unlimited in depth to apply our force to a small area of interest, which leads to the completion of work. We get things done and only abandon what we started if the outcome is not worth the effort. We explore and get knowledge about different areas of life and business, but we aim to do one thing right at a time. We are brave, agile minds who don’t fear to fail, but we commit to avoid making the same mistakes again. We manage risks appropriately, so we make small steps into the unknown and big steps into the known.

🟣 Impact

Materialize our mission of empowering leaders. We make everything better: ourselves, the company, our customers, and the whole world. We think big, we aim to improve the quality of work in the world. Ok is not ok for us. Great is what we’re looking for. We practice perseverance, but we don’t marry our ideas. We use data to determine if we actually made an impact. We use critical thinking to course correct. We are performance-oriented, but our end goal is to fulfill our mission. We do what we love, but we prioritize our mental and physical health above the deadlines.

🟣 Growth

Become better and push others. We have the privilege of working with great people and highly skilled professionals. We use that privilege to learn from them and give back by helping them to unleash their potential. We develop new skills and grow personally and professionally. Sometimes it’s about improving our strengths, sometimes it’s about reducing our weaknesses, but staying still in the growth area is absolutely not an option for us. We discover and adopt the newest technology advancements, especially in the AI field, to boost our productivity. We constantly adapt to high volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of modern life. We properly align innovation (chaos) and bureaucracy (order) to come up with a perfect balance of progress and stability.