DevConcrete becomes Opsenic

The same mission empowering leaders to drive organizational evolution, now with a new name β€” Opsenic.

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Dmytro Shcherbyna

A new name

DevConcrete, now known as Opsenic, started with three people wanting to change the way companies are operated. We've focused on helping leaders make their organizations better and more connected.

With the new name, we stick to our mission and values but refreshing the image. We continue providing tools that help making companies more productive, and their people happier. Opsenic is all about improving operations and work life, and the new name represents a step forward in this mission.

A few things that motivated us to change the name

  1. No more association with development services. We provide a platform to empower leaders across multiple verticals
  2. A domain in .com zone
  3. Operations is our primary focus, and Opsenic has Ops in its name