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Opsenic is the platform to operate your organization. Powered by AI.

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Opsenic is designed to empower leaders in building, running, and scaling companies more effectively based on the industry standards, frameworks, and best practices.


Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your company's current operations, processes, performance metrics, and culture.


Get tools and guidance to facilitate a transformation, ensuring that changes are effectively integrated and aligned with the company's vision.


Run day-to-day management and operations, and sustain the improvements made to drive long-term growth and success.

Achieve operational excellence
with agile Org Design

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Streamline your structure for peak agility and clarity. Backed by real-time insights on organizational health.

Flexible org structure setup. Design org dimensions matching your organization: teams, products, projects, areas, etc.
Processes & Activities. Define processes and workflows to set them as a standard.
Roles & Responsibilities. Define, refine, and attach to people roles with clear responsibilities.
Portfolio. Manage products, programs, projects, and any other portfolio entities.
Org health score. Assess and monitor organization's operational health.
Operational standards. Set the structure required to be followed across departments and teams.

Drive ambitious outcomes
with aligned Objectives and Metrics

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Accelerate goal achievement with flexible frameworks and AI-powered insights. Ensure accountability and strategic alignment.

Goals. Setup any goal-setting framework, from OKRs and BHAG to SMART and KPIs.
KPIs. Visualize and monitor progress metrics towards objectives.
Alignment view. Visualize and align related objectives, processes, roles, and more.
Ownership. Ensure every thing has accountable owner: from objective and process to product and project.
Risks & Issues. Create and control issues, spot common ones to fix the root cause.
AI-powered insights. Uncover unseen misalignment, systemic bottlenecks and operational inefficiencies.

Create a vibrant space
with Human Capital in focus

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Maximize people potential and engagement through optimized workloads and continuous feedback.

Purpose. Have a clear "Why" for each entity, from the company to a project.
Workload & Allocation. See and optimize person’s workload per each role and project.
Feedback loop. Acknowledge or question any goal, process, and any other item within the org.
1-1s. Use templates to conduct one-on-ones, take notes in a single consistent space.
Personal space. Enrich personal pages with meaningful content.
Rich context. Find what you need, who you need, at any level. Onboard in a fraction of time.

~4 hours

Saved weekly per leader


Less spent on talent


Less misalignment

Organizational Operations Platform

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Build an aligned, high-performing, and happy company.
More order, better results, greater fulfillment.